Sunday, June 15, 2008

Allergies and Unnecessary Pain

About a month ago, I ran out of Drixoral, an OTC allergy medication. All the local pharmacies ran out of it as well. I had hoped to make do without any until they restocked with a reformulated version with an ephedrine derivative that can't be cooked into methamphetamine. Unfortunately, my allergies triumphed. Last week, my tonsils and throat swelled so badly that the back of my tongue swelled. Benedryl didn't work. Damn stuff just made me sleepy. So, in pain and out of desperation, I bought some Claritin-D. After three days, I was almost back to normal. The swelling started subsiding within a day. Throat and tongue are healed. I still am having inflamed sinuses which affect my sleep. I'll find a nasal spray and pray. Claritin-D has so much ephedrine though, that it affected my sleep. I slept much less due to the stimulant. It's also three times more expensive than Drixoral. A 20 tablet box costs essentially $20 at Wal-Mart whereas Drixoral costs around $6.50. I really hate the DEA, the Controlled Substances Act, and the stupid law that forces pharmacies to keep all ephedrine OTC medications locked away, and lets you only buy one box at a time. I hope that immune system shot comes out soon that resets your immune system and eliminates allergies. I'd try it for sure. In the meantime, I'm sure the meth addicts have figured out other ways to cook meth since Texas shares a border with Mexico which hasn't outlawed ephedrine or ephedrine base.


Yep all the uppers in cold and allergy remedies and in cough medicines prevent therapeutic sleep.
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