Friday, May 16, 2008

Dreams, States, Connections, and Songs

Anonymous Julie has an interesting post. The beginning quote rings true, and it reminds me of the underlying premise of The Golden Compass. I just purchased the DVD last weekend. The stories the movie is based upon paint an interesting alternative universe where peoples' souls live outside their bodies. I'm not sure what to make of the latter half of her posting. I've had lurid dreams, but I've never been able to control them. I also have difficulty in interpreting my dreams. Dreams depend upon context and the context of one's life changes daily. That state of consciousness at least for me is as different as quantum physics is to classical physics. While we are alive, we seem to exist within two realms, the waking realm and the sleeping realm. It can be argued that for most of us, we never awaken, but if the Tibetan Buddhists are to be believed, then where we go after death is a third state of consciousness, or fourth state, if you believe that drugs can induce another alterred state of consciousness. Timothy Leary used the Tibetan Book of the Dead as a guide for drug-induced states of consciousness. Some people are able to astrally travel or see previous lives through hypnosis. I am not one of these. I know of one person who experienced an astral projection, but it happened when he was extremely stressed and exhausted, and while he was asleep. He can also experience past lives via self-hypnosis, while another person I know actually consciously knows some of his past lives. But rather than being helpful, they've been more of a hindrance since people wouldn't believe him as a child. He was dismissed as being silly or delusional.

We are all human. Our humanity connects us to one another. We have our "song". Since we are living beings, we are connected to all life. (We listen to whale songs and recognize them as such.) We are all connected to everything. Even the word universe means "one song".

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This is some pretty heavy stuff JB. You ever watched Flatliners?


No, I missed that one.

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