Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dallas in the News

It wasn't good news exactly. No one was hurt, but I am wondering who has right of way. The guy landing or the guy on the ground? I just called my Dad. He said the guy on the ground has the right of way. He also said this is typical - a low wing hitting a high wing from above. You'll notice that the high wing can't see behind him because he doesn't have a rear window and the low wing can't see beneath his plane. You don't want to be the Piper pilot. His liability insurance payment just went up and it'll be enough by itself to repair the other aircraft.

Dad said this has happened before. A Piper Cherokee landed on top of a Cessna 172. The Cherokee pilot wondered why his brakes wouldn't work. Neither pilot knew he had been in an accident. The 172 taxied to the flight line with a Piper Cherokee on top of him and parked. Must have been a sight.

Here's an FAA document detailing the safety record of the Cessna 172. It details a midair on final approach between a Mooney (low wing) and a 172 (high wing). All survived. My Dad was a Cessna dealer by the way, but he's flown all sorts of aircraft, both high wing and low wing.


Hi John

Great shot of the piggy-back landing. There's so much aviation around Dallas. Dallas Airport and the F-35 works next door.

Your so lucky.

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