Thursday, April 10, 2008


If you think you have control over your life, what happens when you lose the electrical power to your home for more that a few hours? A nasty storm knocked out power to my apartment for almost 12 hours today. I was at work when it hit at 0400 and my building went to backup generator. Traffic lights throughout Dallas were out. Large oak trees were snapped at the base like toothpicks. I came home to a dark apartment and two shy cats who usually greet me when I come home. The storm must have had some effect, because they took their time coming out of the bedroom after I walked through the door. With nothing to do, I went to bed. I awoke early, shaved and showered by flashlight. Since I work nights I've darkened the bedroom and with no electricity it made life interesting. I had enough hot water to take a quick shower. Our society would be in a world of hurt if all the power plants went down. (That's typical for Iraqis, though.) How long would our civility last then?


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