Friday, April 11, 2008


A crepe myrtle tree killed by the April 10, 2008, storm, prone and dead.


A much larger oak tree, felled by the same storm, chopped up for disposal. Both victims of a storm's violence.


Yet, life goes on and the bluebonnets still bloom.

There is just life. Forms are like waves on a living ocean.


Find somebody with a wood kiln. :)
What I didn't show is that if you look to the right of those bluebonnets, a whole area has been bulldozed as a surgical hospital adds another addition. How long do the trees and bluebonnets have before this little bit of tolerated wildness becomes a parking lot and a manicured and maintained lawn? But there is only the Now.

P.S. The wood needs to dry a bit. Green wood doesn't burn well.
Its green! You get rain. You're lucky. I live in a virtual desert.
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