Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Too Expensive to Fail, While Another Canary Dies

I've been unusually tired the last few days. Not sure what that's about. But here's a few items of interest:

The V-22 Osprey's engines are wearing out too soon. The likely culprit is that the air filters aren't removing enough sand and dirt to prevent the compressor blades from wearing out.

Bats in the Northeastern United States are dying and no one knows why. They are flying out of their caves in the dead of winter. They are dying. Maybe they are doing it to save their cave mates. Maybe they don't know why they fly to their deaths. First, the frogs started dying, then the honeybees. Are bats the next canary, the next indicator, of some unseen danger or environmental change? We need bees to pollinate crops. We need bats to eat the insects that eat our crops.

The price of wheat has gone up tenfold due to a global crop failure. Corn is up because ADM is turning it into wasteful biofuel. The price of beef will increase because the price of feed has gone up.

For the first time in U.S. history, the government is bailing out an investment bank and the "shadow banking" industry. An industry set up to evade regulation. If they receive government aid, should they also accept government regulation? What will the taxpayers receive from their charity? Likely nothing. If it's wrong to bail out the borrowers, then why are we bailing out the lenders?


Confucious say:

"No problem being under huge pile of s..t if snorkel rong enough."

What he means is ones gotta look on the bright side :)

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