Monday, March 31, 2008

More Dell Hell

I got my bankcard statement last Friday. It seems that Dell hadn't ever credited my credit card for the returned laptop and battery I returned to them and they received last February 22, 2008. The Returns CSR I spoke with confirmed what I already knew. He has started the process rolling, but he stated that it could be as long as 16 business days before my account is credited. That's essentially three weeks. There was no point screaming at him. He's a front line troop. I probably should have escalated the case at this point, but I've already wasted enough energy on Dell. Hopefully they'll credit the account before the bill is due. It's easy to sell something, but it's harder to take care of a customer when something goes wrong.



I reckon you should post this sucker to those Dell losers.

That'd fix em.

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