Tuesday, December 18, 2007

That Was So Not Fun!

I removed a soundcard from my main workstation yesterday because it's blown out two speaker systems lately and I didn't want to chance a third speaker set being destroyed. Blew out the dust from the case, cleaned dust off of the CPU fan blades and somehow managed to disconnect the main hard drive without touching it. After reseating the cable, thought everything was fine until I got up last night and went to use the computer and it was frozen. I lost the entire filesystem on the operating system partition. The drive checked out fine. Usually there's damage to the platters, but this was just the reiser filesystem hosing me good. Tried all the repair tricks I could find and yep, I was royally screwed. So, reinstalled a newer version of Linux from Sidux.com. Have plenty of free space on the os partition now! Here's a snapshot of my new desktop:

It's a multiwavelength image of the M81 galaxy courtesy of the Spitzer Space Telescope.


I am unsurprised that a galactic wonder graces your desktop.
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