Saturday, December 29, 2007

Drat! Has the Long, Slow Decline Begun?

Bhutto was assassinated yesterday. That was quite sad! Perhaps a sign that things may get worse before they get better. Robert Reich has some insight and comments on the inconsistency in current foreign policy. Her assassination wasn't a surprise to Pat Lang.

On the home front, the NSA managed to give away secret intel and paid the Chinese to steal it. I'm sorry, but it's inherently stupid to outsource intelligence work, especially sensitive intel. The NSA should be exempt from the government hiring freeze. The dumbass who authorized this outsourcing should be fired and his pension should be taken away.

Gather round and watch the U.S. circle the drain due to inept foreign policy, inept monetary policy (i.e. credit crunch due to ignoring lending policies and regulations), stupid government practices (see above), etc. It'd be amusing if it were another country. It hurts worse, seeing it happening all around you. The average person is just trying to tread financial water, while others are trying to become millionaires and billionaires off of the little guys/taxpayers/consumers via hypercapitalism. I call it that, because supercapitalism sounds like a good thing, whereas hypercapitalism can have a neutral or negative connotation. Anything taken to excess can have negative consequences.


I call it 'vampire capitalism', sucks the blood out of humans, and as it is a 'system first' I call it angelic, an angelic vampire capitalism....wasps are responsible, primarily, while the catholics and jews and islams, and secular academicians, say nothing, silence is golden, they benefit by riding the beast....glad to hear you protesting, if that is what you are doing, at least you are aware of the worthlessness of the majority of the gain/productions relative to real life for billons of real humans.
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