Sunday, November 18, 2007


This is an interesting optical illusion. If the dancer is moving clockwise, the left brain hemisphere is dominant. If the movement is counter-clockwise, your right brain hemisphere is dominant.

There a trick to making the dancer change direction. Can you figure it out? Can you alter your perception? The original article is here. It seems most people are left hemisphere dominant. I'm in the majority. I am left hemisphere dominant, although I can switch perceptions almost at will. (I'm right handed, so I'd expect these results.) A better opinion and analysis is here.

Another interesting left/right brain perceptual illusion is:

Other optical illusions are at


wow! that is very interesting! i was able to alter the goings around in different stuff! thanks for the links, looking forward to share this with my family. :)

This was a really nice test.

I'm left dominant as well - maybe politicly (sometimes)
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