Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Texas Sunrise (8/22/2007)

These were two perspectives of a Texas sunrise on August 22, 2007 around 0630 CDT. I particularly like the lower photo since the water in the parking lot reflected the sky above quite nicely. A lovely burnt orange glow to the light reflected off the clouds!


Great photos John.

Our sunrises are not as vivid here in Australia and they are pink.


It started out pinker. There wasn't as much yellow as you see in the lower photo. I think that's overexposure of certain photodetectors in the CCD. That's why I changed positions and shot the other photo. I might be able to combine them into some sort of 3D shot soon. Microsoft has come up with some sort of 3D photo software that's smart enough to pick out the same "landmarks" or points in different photos to match camera angles.
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