Monday, October 22, 2007

Robert Reich

Does any one remember Robert Reich? he was a Harvard University professor who helped get Bill Clinton elected in 1992. He gave the Clinton Administration political currency among the labor unions and middle class workers for his progressive labor policy views. But Clinton abandoned Reich and his cause for political reasons if Wikipedia is to be believed. All I know is that Reich left after Clinton's first term and he was the major reason I voted for Bill Clinton the first and only time.

Well, I found out that he's since written a book called Supercapitalism. Here's a NPR blurb about him and his book. He also does Marketplace commentaries on National Public Radio. His commentaries seem to be echoed in his blog as well.

Perhaps Dr. Reich appeals to me because I am a former academic. He's intelligent and he makes a lot of sense. He knows and understands economics and he's an educator. He wants to solve problems in a logical way within the political and economic frameworks we have. He doesn't try to push an agenda by using fear-mongering tactics. He tries to persuade through intelligent discourse which seems to be in short supply these days. To understand how bad things have gotten, watch Jon Stewart skewer Fox News commentators on their coverage of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize. Read or listen to Dr. Reich yourself and come to your own conclusions. I think he's more right than wrong. But logic and good sense seem to be in short supply these days. People are so busy trying to make it day to day, they likely miss what's going on around them. They desire relief, but all they get is lip service and platitudes or worse, fear.


Here's hoping (Hilary) Clinton or Obama return Reich to a influential position when one of them wins. Unless he's given up politics.
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