Monday, October 08, 2007


Microsoft Research labs demoed some neat software called Photsynth on Wired Science (Is this a commercial masquerading as news?). It's similar to producing a gigapixel image, but instead of stitching together 2D photos into a 2D montage, you are stitching together 2D images to create a 3D montage. Whether we'll ever see the final product is in question since Adobe might have a Photoshop plugin or a similar application already and they usually write superior graphics software than either Apple or Microsoft. This is why Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have both failed to kill Adobe. There's an alpha version available for download. Unfortunately, you can't upload your own photos and manipulate them. You're stuck with Microsoft's photo collections. It's not a standalone application.



Its amazing how quickly photography (and imagery generally) is moving. With what you describe here being available to civilians I wonder what the military (including the DIA) are developing and fielding for their own use.


When I saw this, I thought of the CIA. They supposedly had something like this 5-10 years ago, but they likely were using a supercomputer and virtual reality goggles. We'll all have supercomputers in 5 years with multicore CPUs. Sun has 8 core chips now and Intel is manufacturing quad core CPUs. Such computational power makes rendering images much faster. The problem now is that the software programmers have to learn parallel programming to make use of the multicore processors.

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