Monday, August 06, 2007

A World Without Evil

"It is difficult to stir rebellion among those to whom all things are good. There is no room for evil in their minds, despite the fact that they suffer it constantly. The slave upon the rack who knows he will be born again -- perhaps as a fat merchant -- if he suffers willingly -- his outlook is not the same as that of a man with but one life to live. He can bear anything, knowing that great as his present pain may be, his future pleasure will be higher. If such a one does not choose to believe in good and evil, perhaps then beauty and ugliness can be made to serve him as well. Only the names have been changed."

Sam (The Lord of Light, pp.48-49)


The hope and satisfaction in it, by revenge thru reincarnation cycles, strikes me as just an extension of revenge and the desire for oppression. I think it is stupid. And I don't think humans are stupid, just ruled by angels and so, limited.

Just an opinion, mine.
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