Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When Seeing Isn't Believing

I was looking at my cat, Bashful, this morning and I was reminded of an incident that happened when she was a young kitten. My apartment got flooded while I was on some errand in the summer of 2003. Little Bashful who was a two month old kitten was soaked and hiding behind the cat litter box where I found her. I dried her off as best I could. Her sister saw her and walked up to her, then she sniffed her, hissed at Bashful, followed by a swat. It took about two days for the smell to wear off of her, and Nosey to accept her again. For humans, we usually only believe it if we see it. For cats, sight takes a backseat to smell, at least for kin recognition. (It's also possible that Nosey is partially blind, but how can one tell with a cat? She doesn't walk into walls and seems perfectly fine.)


Everything, animal/human, in this current world, in my estimation, is somewhat faulty by default of being born here, also, even a little 'crazy', and those things account for more of life than we think, regardless of running into walls or not. I even think this is true about worms and the basic cellular entities which some think will be our salvation.
I also know for a fact, personally, that even 'angels' are faulty, and do run into walls.
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