Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Nameless

Before there was Man, there was something, though there wasn't a name for it yet. It spawned this Universe and it is an intrinsic part of this Universe. It is every atom, molecule, plant, animal and mineral, but it is more than all those things. It is every photon, every unit of dark energy, and we've only seen a fraction of what it is when we look at the smallest or the largest things. It is beyond order and disorder (entropy). It is beyond chaos. It is all those things and more. It is more than Nature, though Nature is one aspect of it. It is beyond words, beyond concepts, beyond thought. It is not beyond experience. The way to it is to experience it. One way is to share an experience with another, such as selfless giving. One could call it Consciousness, but even that word is limiting and inaccurate. One could call it Stillness, but that word is limiting as well. One could call it emergent behavior of evolving humanity, but that description is limiting and maybe flawed. We are it and it is us. It experiences Life through each of us and it is awakening in each one of us in its own way at its own pace. We help or hinder this awakening process by how we identify ourselves and our place in the Universe. Regardless of what we think, however, it exists and lives according to its own ineffable agenda. Some praise it, some curse it, some don't believe in it at all. Nothing I've written here just now matters, for it's about as accurate as the label "honey" is at conveying what the substance honey is like. I do it no justice in the telling. What is important though, is that you awaken to who you really are. What is important is that you question and seek truth passionately, with a thirst looking to be quenched. What is important is that you love another as yourself, because you are one entity with separate bodies and minds and forms.


"The Nameless". Not bad.
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