Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's All Been Said...

"We killed Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King. We kill all those people who tell us to live in peace."
George Carlin

I've been a bit quiet lately. There has been little significant news. Work's been there. I miss the intellectual stimulation of academia. The buzz one gets from a stimulating idea or the success of getting an experiment to work. As far as philosophy, it's probably already been said. The Buddha has told us how to get to Nirvana. Jesus likely told his disciples how to get to The Kingdom of Heaven before Orthodox followers mangled the teachings. There have been numerous Zen Masters. There was Yang Zhu and Lao Zi and their teachings of Taoism. Every religion has a core of spiritual truth that one can follow if one looks deep enough. One just has to do the part of training one's mind. Some will spontaneously reach Nirvana, others will have to work at it. In the end, one sits atop the hilltop. On one side lies Being, on the other side lies Doing. It's a dynamic balancing act. You can call it spiritual gravity (I borrowed the analogy from an ISSurvivor article.), but the analogy would hold for a 3D graph in sequence space for many problems dealing from optimal enzyme kinetics versus enzyme structure (protein structure/function), and numerous dynamical computer and mathematical problems too numerous to mention.

Throughout it all though, is evolution. The planet is changing. The Solar System is changing. The Universe is changing. Sometimes I think it's all just a simulation. We're part of some huge program crunching its way to a conclusion a trillion minus 13.5 billion years from now. Every major stellar or planetary body is a process and every process has its own threads. Yes, computer programs are fractal. The Unmanifested would be the kernel and the Universe (the Manifested) would be a userland simulation. None of those labels does any of what I said justice. But then, it's all been said and thought. I wanted to say that we should get with the program, but that's not right. Regardless of what one does, one is a part of the program, a part of the whole. It would be nice if people would stop squabbling over insignificant amounts of money and power and focus on what is spiritually and humanly important, but I'm likely wasting my breath and good electrons just posting it. After all, humans kill the great leaders who tell us to live in peace, and I'm "no one".


Excuse me but I'm not sure if these three people had been responsible for changing the world for the better.
What if the Western World had become truly and totally Aristotelian instead of Jewish-Christian. Or maybe even Aurelian instead of Papal and Lutheran.
As for Gandhi, he was nothing but an Indian nationalist?
And as for King, I'm not sure what and who he was.
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I was paraphrasing Carlin. He also mentioned MalcolmX. You didn't address the main point that Carlin was making - that humanity prefers violence to peace and that Western Civilization kills its messengers of peace. As far as the evolution of philosophy and religion, the ones you mentioned had their time in the Sun and for whatever reasons, they are used as references, but their sway over humanity isn't the same as the other philosophies and religions. Now that the World is becoming a global village, we'll likely see East meeting West and we'll see how well those two get along.
Jesus and Gandhi didn't preach non-violence, but non-resistance, which is not the same thing. They probably preached paranoia and martyrdom. In favor of healthy co-existence and cooperation.
However, the fault was not due to Jesus or Gandhi, it was because the governors didn't know how to deal with them.
If these people had been very wise, they would have known from the bottom of their hearts, that non-resistance will only lead to violence and more of it and countless casualties. And that their teachings would be corrupted and would bring about corruption in organizations and governments.
i've been pondering this one for awhile. it would be nice if people could act out of any sort of larger perspective... living in peace really upsets the status quo, though.

it's not a waste of electrons; at least those who feel the same way can know that somebody else shares the sentiment, no?
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