Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thought Mirrors Quantum Reality

If you go down to the quantum level, particles are being created and destroyed from one instant to the next. So called virtual particles are created as particle/antiparticle pairs from fluctuations in vacuum energy. Particles springing from nothingness. How does that mirror consciousness - thoughts springing from no thought? Does thought spring from nothing? Is that nothing what some call pure consciousness? Is that label, pure consciousness, meaningless? Does it point to some thing, or no-thing? Energy is not a thing, not matter, but matter is nothing more than condensed energy. Is this making any sense?
Yes, everything is Consciousness, Spirit, Mind, Thought, Energy. Matter is energy. Einstein.
Form is emptiness. Emptiness form.
It's as if consciousness and a quantum of energy are two poles of a single complementary entity, like wave-particle.

It can even be found in eastern mysticism, where being and non-being create each other.
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