Friday, March 02, 2007

The Nameless

There is the I, the self. It is old, wise, and timeless. It loves to play and is curious about the world. It loves to create and destroy and create again. It laughs at the self-importance of the ego. It holds compassion for all living things. It is most present when the mind is still, yet perceptive to the moment.

There is something beyond oneself. It is intelligent beyond comprehension. It had been called many names - Brahma, God, Evolution, Nature, the Universe, depending upon one's occupation and point of view. It is all those labels and more. It is nameless. It is sacred. It is kind, It is loving. It is the stuff of consciousness.

If the nameless is the ocean, then the I is a wave on that ocean. Both are conscious. Both are aspects of the same thing. Both are one, but what does that mean? At some point, words become meaningless. Experience and perception must override thoughts, speech and language. It's all been said, and yet the most meaningful, the most important attributes of being human are the unsaid, the nameless knowings.
I am not really sure about this: if the nameless or God, to some people, is separate from us human beings and the rest of nature and the universe. I guess mystics tend to think this way and tend to dissociate or separate themselves from the world and identify with the nameless, thus making themselves equal to God. The danger of this belief is it can lead to self-aggrandizement or megalomania. You should study the lives of these people and you will find that many of them are phony and psychotic. The only reason they don't get caught and imprisoned or institutionalized is their determination not to commit violence, or otherwise it would be the end of their career or their public image of saintliness.
These people think they are Buddhas, Messiahs, Avatars, World Teachers, etc. But all they do is mislead people, accumulate power and wealth and commit all kinds of immorality.
Pardon me for being harsh and judgemental.
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