Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Car Has a Greenish Tinge. It Must Be Spring.

Somehow I missed the equinox this past week. I've had trouble sleeping the last two weeks probably from the inane time change Congress forced upon all of us. Instead of doing something that will have a significant effect such as mandating that everyone switch to hybrid vehicles by 2015, or that more nuclear powerplants be built.

(The government builds and owns them in Nevada. They use a modern design. They burn plutonium. We eliminate our excess nuclear weapons grade material and at least get some money back in the form of electricity for all the taxpayer dollars spent making and refining the weapons grade plutonium in the first place! Screw the soon-to-be private TXU! Think about it. There was a proposal to mix the plutonium in with nuclear waste and bury it in Yucca Flats. Doesn't it make sense to extract the energy from that plutonium first and convert it to electricity rather than just get rid of it? We shouldn't leave that stuff lying around.)

My car has tree pollen all over it, so it's a got a green tinge. Every car in the apartment complex is covered in green pollen grains. The last few days I've been suffering a hormone storm. There's the biological urge to procreate and it's strong. I suppose that I should be grateful. It means that I'm alive. I'm shocked to discover that whatever part of my brain that deals with that drive can almost overwhelm my higher brain functions. Reason mostly won out over desire, but desire won a few battles in a way. I guess reason won the war. In the past, I never reflected on what happened when such an urge hit. Perhaps I gave in and reverted temporarily to a very unconscious state. Maybe I'm full of it and just spouting BS. Maybe it would be better to be a Buddhist. At least they have no hangups about sex although they don't condone adultery.
Not easy subject. Most people will leave you alone with your own ideas about sex. And fornication. And adultery. Well, we shouldn't legislate it. Unless there is sexual abuse involved.
In some cultures adultery is still punishable by death. And sometimes people take the law in their own hands. But why would a single or divorced man or woman commit adultery? Fornication, yes. But adultery? Aren't there plenty of single men and women out there?
Falling in love with a married woman is not the same as committing adultery unless there is sex involved. And often love and lust come together. If you keep it to yourself, there's nothing wrong about it. You're not a celibate or clergyman, are you?
So teachers who commit adultery, in the physical sense, are not enlightened. They are mean and antisocial. They should be hanged or guillotined. Lynched and castrated. ;>)
It was more a comment about when you forbid something you make it more appealing in a sense. People are more curious because it's forbidden. It's also extraordinarily dumb to forbid natural healthy urges. Sets the stage for all sorts of psychological issues to bloom. Buddhist societies don't have hangups over sex that I know of. Thailand doesn't like it that many child sexual predators are moving there because they have more lax laws regarding that sort of thing. Teachers are people too, and one can be a gifted teacher and make mistakes. W. French Anderson molested a young teenage woman under his tutelage. He is likely a convicted, registered sex offender by now. Not how a gene therapy pioneer and medical doctor would likely want to be remembered. Yet it shows how one can do great good in one area and be evil in another. The mystics would say something along the lines of he's very spiritually conscious as a doctor, but he was very unconscious when it came to looking after his teenage charge.
Exactly. I was thinking of that. I was listening to Ajahn Brahmavamso of He seems to be meaning the same thing.
I really meant spiritual teachers. I guess most of them had done it one time or another. Including Jesus. It means perhaps, if you think about it, there are people around with a half-set of genes. Anyway I know nothing about genetics.
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