Saturday, February 10, 2007

Criminal Justice System is Broken

Child pornography law is designed to prevent the exploitation of children by malicious and perverted adults. But now, two children who were stupid enough to document their intimacy by taking a picture of it and transferring the picture from the cell phone to a computer were found guilty for violating the law designed to protect them. I concur with the dissenting judge's opinion. If the teen had tried to sell the image or some such, all bets would be off, but it appears that she made the mistake of saving the moment for posterity only. Parents, if your kids do something like this young girl, save yourself a lot of trouble and just destroy the evidence and find an appropriate punishment for the child. Otherwise, you might be paying a hefty legal bill and buying a new computer all because your teenager took a picture he or she shouldn't have and the State had nothing better to do than charge your kid with distributing child pornography even though they themselves produced it and no adults were involved.
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