Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Admiring Evil

I was watching Syriana the other night. I realized that I was upset by the implication of the movie, but it's true. American interests may not be in the best interests of another country, but are such evil actions ever justified? Our foreign policy works against us in the Middle East. Why enforce a shortsighted policy that will hurt us in the long run? In a village or small tribe, if the group prospers, so does the individual. The opposite is just as true as well. Does this scale? If the entire planet can be considered a village, is it true then? To prosper at the expense of all others is an offense in a village or small tribe. It used to be called antitrust and against the law in this country. It's just business if you are Microsoft. Why do we admire Microsoft for being despicable and criminal? Is there a difference between my country right or wrong, and my government right or wrong? Rome is admired and mourned, but Rome could never last because it was too ruthless, too brutal and too greedy. Will America be known as the latest Rome?
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