Sunday, January 21, 2007

Metaphorical Life Dances

An epiphany hit me as I was browsing an online dating site. There are all these women's profiles and they show that they are online. You refresh the browser and some stay and some go. In a way, it's a metaphor of life - people coming and going in and out of one's perception. It's a funny sort of dance. Julie commented about leaving a mark, but isn't that what a blog is about - leaving one's mark? Look, I was here. IRC, chat, gtalk, etc. is like a life dance. People come, people go. The same effect is seen for dating sites, but then maybe, they are a bit of both dancing and leaving a mark. Online dating sites are certainly a snapshot in time, a period in one's life where you are looking for companionship. The usual thing when I think of snapshots is shipwrecks. Time capsules are a recent phenomenon I'm guessing, a bit more sophisticated than carving one's name in a rock or a piece of wood. A silent shout that I was here. I think I prefer the etherealness of dancing electrons and magnetic fields. They are more fleeting than life. A perfect metaphor in a fashion.
People do come and go. And a lot of the time when you meet them (a friend was telling me about his experiences with online dating), they're nothing like the person they represented online ;-)
If anything, the online fraud is getting worse. Scammers from West Africa, whole sites that resort to fraud. Fertile ground for crooks looking for easy marks.
I have some bad experience too. I was contacted by a man who pretended to be a woman:(.Now I sum up some dating tips:
1. Don't let out your real personal info at the beginning.
2. Use another account to test if the personal is real
3. Webcam can prove if that personal is real.
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