Thursday, December 07, 2006

Weapons of Mass Destruction

If you thought nuclear or thermonuclear weapons were weapons of mass destruction, you'd be wrong. Those bombs have the potential to be weapons of mass destruction, but thus far, only 160,000 people or so have died from their use, a paltry figure. The weapon of mass destruction in the ancient world was the Roman short sword known as the gladius. The weapon of mass destruction in our modern world is the AK-47 and its derivatives. Over 250,000 people die per year due to these Russian and Chinese made assault rifles. I don't suppose that anyone sees the irony on many levels here. The Romans gave their soldiers the best, most efficient weapon to kill their enemies. We don't equip our men with AK-47 derivatives and we have no solution against it. A nation armed with AKs can defeat a superpower. Don't believe me? We left Somalia because of the AK-47. More people die in Iraq from the AK assault rifle than from IEDs. The AK assault rifles can turn any one - man, woman or child into a bullet spewing death machine. Their reliability is unmatched. I came to this perspective while reading the following book.
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