Thursday, December 07, 2006


The following are the IP addresses of infected systems that have attacked my node via the network. Over 70% of the victims are DSL subscribers. I call them victims because they didn't ask for the virus software to be loaded onto their systems. By far the winning virus/worm is:
File length: 252928 bytes.
MD5 hash: 0da155b04f16dafafffbb1a485b3d0e1.

Second place goes to W32/SDBot.ALQH aka wkssr.exe
File length: 252928 bytes.
MD5 hash: b47732d5a323044a1cd09ecf2cb945e8.

To discover your IP address bring up a command prompt in MS Windows (for W2K and XP) and type ipconfig /all. There are several free online scanning websites available if your antivirus isn't up-to-date, e.g. TrendMicro. If one has a suspicious file, you can upload it to Virustotal for analysis.
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