Sunday, December 31, 2006


I have discovered a few things this Christmas season.

I am practically a complete stranger to most of my family. My Father thinks I'm politically liberal, when I'm a moderate. My Mother doesn't know me any more either. My sister understands me best, as does my ex-wife.

I discovered that I still care for my ex-wife. Her kindness towards my Mother reminded me of why I loved her in the first place. But I fear that getting back together will just reopen old wounds. We think too differently, have different values. She values security, but there is no security. It's an illusion to a great extent.

I discovered that the Davis Mountains of West Texas are sacred, as is the night sky where you can see the infinite vastness of the Universe. There's so much light pollution now, you can only see the Moon and a few stars. We forget the paradox as Tolle sums it up that this planet is precious and insignificant all at the same time.
I'd call myself politically conservative, but I'm socially liberal and morally conservative. I think. Heaven only knows how my parents would react to learning what I really think. My dad wouldn't mind, but my mother might be appalled at me for not obediently toeing the party line. (That Catholic thing - I know what I'm supposed to believe, but that's a separate question from whether I do, or not!)

There is security, and there isn't. Whether a relationship will work depends primarily upon what's most important to the people in it.
Good discoveries and insights. Your thoughts seem parallel to my own. Who would expect less though, given our oneness.
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