Monday, December 04, 2006

Caring ISPs and Vendors

I have been running a Nepenthes honeypot for over a week now, monitoring my Verizon DSL subnet. My node has been hit over 3,000 times by worms and other malware attempting to compromise my systems. I've sent an abuse report to Verizon where it fell into an electronic maw never to be seen again. Yeah, Verizon really cares about it's customers. A friend has told me that Time-Warner Cable is squeaky clean. They filter port 69 (TFTP protocol) and a Nepenthes honeypot listening in on that network is starving. By the way, why hasn't Microsoft quit installing tftp.exe by default on their operating system? For that matter, why haven't the OEMs closed that hole by not installing tftp.exe on their versions? After all, Microsoft will just point to Dell or HP and say, "Well, it's the OEM's responsibility since it's their own version of the OS". If you wish to see how secure Vista really is, check and see if tftp.exe is still there after the operating system is installed. Protecting customers isn't Microsoft's concern. Their concern is stealing business away from Symantec.
I have a question. my knowledge on this stuff is nada. I have dial-up. haven't made the cross over to DSL. So far Norton is doing a good job in protecting my computer (I think, who knows really?)

anyway, my question is if i was to get DSL would that open me up to even more germs, virus and worms?

The simple answer to that is, Yes. The better answer is that it depends upon the attention and care your DSL provider puts into their network security. You should purchase a DSL/cable modem router when you upgrade from dialup. They are cheap and worth every penny since they have their own builtin firewall. Everyone I've talked to says that cable beats DSL in terms of bandwidth. A friend has informed my that Time-Warner Cable is squeaky clean, no viruses or worms are propagating on that network. I had cable before I had DSL, but when I moved, it wasn't available at the new place. It's awful tempting to just drop the land line, use my cell phone and get cable. The only reason I don't is that I'd have to buy a new TV, and I'd likely get hooked on TV again. There's not a lot of great content on TV, and PBS, Discovery, and History Channel only go so far. Plus, my cats have a taste for coax cabling for some reason. Sometimes, I think they're gerbils.

Thank you for this info! i will keep this in mind if and when we ever switch over to the DSL.

Thanks! :)
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