Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What is the Purpose of Life?

I believe that the purpose of living is discovery, primarily discovering who one really is, but one is always discovering their own capabilities and limitations? This is my own personal belief, but it is a recurrent theme in just about every major surviving religion. It's certainly a major tenet of Buddhism and Christianity, although it's been a bit battered and mangled in Christianity. It doesn't matter what one's age is. There are children who are wise beyond their years and there are adults who are basically children and who will remain so. If Buddhism and Christianity are to be believed, then everyone has their own spiritual path and that path is unwinding at its own pace. The purpose of a spiritual master is to save people "lifetimes" discovering who they really are. Yet, such a belief is pointless. If you can only experience who you really are, then it doesn't matter what you believe or what another tells you for that matter. It comes down to personal choice and spiritual grace. Intellectual belief is just agreeing with a mental concept. It's one step removed from experiencing and living that existence. While I might believe in racial and gender equality, if I don't treat others of a different skin tone or women as equals, then I am just lying to myself. I am acting a role and not being truthful. And, what I say or think is essentially meaningless. It's my actions that count. If I say I'm not bigoted,and then turn around and act bigoted, then what am I? One could describe this as the dichotomy of being human. Another term for it could be insanity. Does a cat act like a dog, or a dog ever act like a cat?
how am i not myself?

if you are inconsistent, which part of the inconsistency reflects you, which doesn't? then what does the other reflect, if not you?
I think that a more accurate description is to ask, what is my state of mindfulness or attentiveness? Does the inconsistent response spring from "going through the motions" or from habit, or was it appropriate in the context of the moment? If it wasn't appropriate in the moment, then I have my answer.
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