Sunday, November 26, 2006


Energy <- birth/death -> condensed energy (matter) (i.e. E=mc^2), but from the living perspective.
i'm not sure what you mean when you say
but from the living perspective.

i like that word Equilibrium.
look what happens to a piece of goal when pressure and heat is applied. I saw the movie the fountain. it scrambled my brains some.
coal* sorry.
Well, Kathy, in the physical universe, matter and energy are two aspects of the same thing. Matter is just condensed energy. From a living perspective, consciousness is either embodied or disembodied, according to every religion that I know of, but if consciousness is energy, then everything living is conscious to one extent or another. Birth and death are the equilibrium constant of the equation. Does that make any sense?
well, im trying to make sense of it. yes i think i get it. you have to have both. and forever live in that constant?
Life is energy, energy is life. You are consciousness, always. Consciousness living through a succession of bodies if the spiritual masters are correct, although it is said that at some point, one can choose to stay in Heaven, but until one awakens to who he or she really is, then, reincarnation is the norm and not the exception. But my point was to show that life and living things are just another form of energy.
Thank you! this is very interesting to learn.

The Native american indians believe that the great spirit flows through everything even rocks. even non living things have energy in them, made up of matter. i don't think they have a Consciousness like we do.. but lots of cultures believe that objects have spirit in them. i don't know but find it curious.
Yes, Tolle reiterates this belief as well. Basically, everything is sacred.
amazing! life is awesome! :)
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