Thursday, October 19, 2006

Humanity - In the Throes of Madness

Once one has glimpsed truth, it is an awe inspiring experience. The glimpse I had was a certainty that what one calls Nature is much more than that. There is an intelligence at work. Every form has a purpose and all living forms are evolving and changing and changing their environment for some higher purpose. Why do I comment on this? Perhaps it is because I am sick of watching conflict at all levels. I'm sick of watching so much energy futilely expended on useless endeavors. It's all due to mind. The mind attacks and fears what it doesn't know. What happened to play and compromise. One doesn't see much compromise these days in politics it seems. If politics don't work, people fall back to violence with bullets. Even all this is evolution in action, but it is saddening and heartbreaking to see such insanity - destruction instead of construction, killing instead of befriending. Wars change things and sometimes change is needed, but why all the greed? Why all the death? Why all the anger and character assassination? People even argue on the spiritual level. It's all silly.
It's all silly.

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