Saturday, September 23, 2006

Heaven Has No Colors

I started eating at a local diner again on Saturdays. I used to have breakfast there every day for over two years but quit when I got this job at this telecom. The youngest daughter of the owner opened the diner this morning and she waited on me and another customer. We had an interesting conversation that was a bit surreal.

She's a teacher for the Plano ISD now and only works part-time at the diner. She asked me if I was interested in teaching and I told her that I'd tried to get into teaching back in 1995 or 1996 with little luck, so I'd given up. Then the conversation turned to quantum mechanics and I told her a little of what I knew. It then turned to reincarnation, without any prompting from me, and she told me about a dream where she was a young girl and she was underground with her family in a sewer system hiding from soldiers trying to kill them. It sounded like a Jewish family being hunted down by a Nazi SS death squad. She didn't think the dream was true until she watched Schindler's List and saw the exact same thing on screen. I wasn't surprised. It just reaffirmed what I had been told by my Uncle John. She mentioned that a little 6 year old girl was consoling her Mother over the death of her little brother. The little girl explained to her Mother that her little brother knew he wouldn't live long and that he went back to Heaven. She also mentioned that the little girl said that she liked this world because Heaven had no color and this world was full of color. Truths from the mouths of babes. My uncle mentioned that young children know or see things and that adults would discount their observations or knowledge until the kids gave up and believed what they were told to believe. I didn't understand how he knew that until almost twenty years later, but I intuitively knew he was telling the truth. I told my friend not to think of it as reincarnation, but as Consciousness living and experiencing through a continuation (or succession) of bodies. Tolle says that Consciousness is evolving. Well, everything is evolving. People are striving for something. Trees are trying to be better trees. Cats are trying to be better cats. I've noticed my cats are fascinated by water, so maybe cats are evolving to where they aren't as hydrophobic as in the the past. But it makes sense. If the conscious spark is the only constant and bodies or forms are shed like skins, and everything changes, even the conscious essence within, and the outside is a reflection of the change inside, then what?
wat better than an insight of the evolution theory....
Once attained ....growth assured!!

"Life is just a mirror,and what u see out there,u must first see inside u "
Here is what John's uncle says, here is what Tolle says, here is what the waitress and teacher says, where is what John says?
that was a nice comment.....julie
The entry was mostly observations colored by memory. What I "think" wasn't important at the moment of writing it, and was irrelevant anyway. What is important is what people take away from reading it. After all, anything I could say would just be an impression or opinion, and neither was important. The observation, conversation and sharing was what was important - the interaction of the moment.
thats right John sharing was important....and so we smhow felt unheard sharing cannot b done singlehandedly....
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