Monday, July 03, 2006


Fire is one of the Greek elements. It consumes wood and other substances to ash. It melts and purifies metals if it is hot enough. What does spiritual fire conjure in my mind? To me, fire is passion, but passion tempered by Being. A specific analogy is Greek fire, pitch and other petroleum products capable of burning on water. Being just is! Consciousness filling these vessels we call bodies, pouring forth Love, Joy, Bliss, and other emotions in mindful fashion. What of fire - passion, burning desires? Most desires are of the ego, yet there is a desire or longing for wholeness or completeness with the Beloved (Krishnamutri) or the Divine (Sufism) or the Way (Taoism) or the Universe (Buddhism) or God (Judaism/Christianity/Islam). That is one example of fire burning from water or being. Are there others? What of the desire for companionship, or to fit in with a group, or be part of a spiritual movement or body of people? Are these a subset of the spiritual equivalent of Greek fire?

Water quenches fire. Does this mean that Being/Love quenches Passion? Or does mindfulness attenuate passions, possibly channeling them more productively and making them more effective? If Being is Love, then what of passionate Love? Can there be such a thing as egoless, passionate Love? I love "God" with all my heart, mind and soul. Is that egoless, passionate Love? Is loving a woman with as much intensity as One loves Being when you are a man the same thing? Consciousness loving itself? What is the wise path of Love and Passion?
A fine post John, many useful and relevent questions, you stirred my passion to answer them, let me think about it. Thanks.
Great questions John. I went through several of your recent entries and found your line of thinking echos my own.
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