Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Depth Has Returned

The Silence has returned. The Peace has returned. Silence loving, holding, reflecting ...

... Silence. (smile)
It left?
No, but it feltt like it. Maybe went on vacation.
Well, let me go and see what kind of anxious day the Guru is having today. Peace, be still, reflect inward.
Hi John,

Just doing a drive-by and thought I would say "hello". Silence is something I understand. I've been there for a few months. But now I'm back in my non-silent mode. :)
So now you are Johnny Depth!
You hang around with Julie long enough, good traits rub off (shrug).
That only lasted a day. Lucky you. :)
I guess everyone went to sleep, too much NOW wore them out, their minds emptied and they're gone.

What a world.
Great posts tho John, I am thinking of taking up meditation myself, I work all the time and need some way to relax.
Come back!!!!!
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