Friday, June 30, 2006


The World is wonderful, everything is connected by an unseen Presence that we can only feel, but not see. When you see something you know you share that Presence, that Oneness, with that object. There's only love, no fear, all fear is gone and replaced with an infinite joy and wonder. It's indescribeable.

Yes, Heaven is Now! It's always been the present moment, but most never see it. The mind covers the beauty of the moment in noise and thought and worry. That thinker was who I was, who I sometimes still am if I lapse into unconsciousness, but there was a shift in consciousness yesterday. The World changed for me. Everything seemed fresh and new and I was perfused by a joy I have only glimpsed at certain times. It has never lasted longer than half a day or so.

The World of Man impinges today and interferes with my joy. It wants to insinuate itself back into my focus again. I just wish to be free. Yet, I must accept what is given me. It is no longer good or bad, it just is. My mind insists that all this is bad, but the joy in me says otherwise. The Universe will let me know the outcome in due time. Accept what comes and be in joy from moment to moment. That is all One can do.
If One is unable to enjoy what one is doing, One can at least enjoy Being.
Gassho. :)
It is always there. The eternal moment. It is.
Good stuff John, always good. Enjoy!
"The World of Man impinges today and interferes with my joy... Yet, I must accept what is given me...Accept what comes and be in joy from moment to moment."

Just acknowledge your confusion, it's not a big deal.

Isn't the "world of man" is a part of the One and therefore how could it "impinge" on Your joy. And maybe it isn't all joy, maybe simply being with what is would dissolve this confusion.
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