Sunday, May 07, 2006

What is Sitting Meditation?

What is sitting meditation? To remove ourselves from all external distractions and quiet the mind is called “sitting.” To observe the inner nature in perfect calmness is called “meditation.”
Yes, no matter how violent it pretends to be.
Peace, gentleness,and kindness.
No violence in meditation.
Politicians have found a way to transfer violence into 'Human Law', legislating their violence in 'peace'. Is this too, meditation? They often sit quietly while they generate these laws.
Yes, but we have to watch the violence, in order not to be carried away. We have internalized the violence of our societies that we are conditioned to accept or suppress it.
That is why it is important to observe without judgement, acceptance, suppresion, and resistence.
And not to practice meditation when one is angry and afraid. It might just strengthen these emotions when done improperly.
Erm, tools work differently when they are used incorrectly. I think you're advocating more fear than healthy respect; many a sleep-deprived student has operated a table saw in the morning; there's much that we do in less-than-ideal conditions; with sufficient caution comes little risk for harm. IMHO if meditation makes things worse, either it's the wrong tool or you don't know how to operate it properly.
Yes, when there is a lot of suppression or repression involved. People from a certain background have the habit of doing this.
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