Friday, May 12, 2006

Sexual Attraction

Markers for sexual attraction for women - height. The taller a man is, the better. Markers for sexual attraction for men are waist to hip ratio - child bearing. Jaw and facial shape are determined by amount of sex hormone in both women and men. There may be another marker there, but it's to be tested and verified. Scientists are still trying to figure it out. What the study shows though, is that attractiveness has more to do with subconscious physical cues than with personality or how one dresses. People knew within seconds of meeting the other person whether they wanted to date that person or not. Don't know if pheromones play any part in this, but witty repartee doesn't work at all. Clearly, scientific dating has quite a way to go before it will be any help to people trying to find their soulmate.

So, what does this mean for the mystic? Do you go subconscious, or ignore that part and go with what? Does it even matter? According to Tolle, it doesn't. You'll still feel the need, but it's a small ripple or wave on a big, deep ocean.
What I don't understand is why many women, including very tall ones, go for short men, many times very short. Has this to do with self-confidence of short men?
I think self-confidence is the biggest factor. Not seeming physical superiority.
"Jaw and facial shape are determined by amount of sex hormone in both women and men." thats interesting! i didn't know that. lol i remember the first time i saw Richard my husband...i just knew he was the one even before we spoke to each other, lol funny i was his hair and the way he carried himself...his walk. great post! thanks!
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