Monday, May 15, 2006

Peer Review and Blogging

Is blogging just a peer review process? Are we individually finding those people who are our true peers to gain an appreciation and understanding of ourselves? To review and reflect on what "human being" really means? To test beliefs and ideas and bring academic thinking and thought processes to each other and the whole culture?
I have been paying some attention to this, and it seems there are quite a few different activities going on. In some cases it works that way, testing and evaluating, but then in others there is selling, and in others there is pure self-thought without a care about the other person. I find it helpful to force my thoughts in unusual directions within a subject range. Like your post on the imaginative discovery of a scientifically valid procedure, for me that rolls over into the 'knowledge by revelation' idea and is a good example of it, and it opens a little window to 'how did it operate' in that particular instance.

But when I first started blogging I was more oriented to the personal and individual identity thing.
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