Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Look for the Real Beneath the Unreal

"None of this is real."

Yes, but it's a lie we can understand.

The relative truth obscures the absolute truth. The unreal masks the real. Our perception of reality and what reality really is are two different things. But our perception is not a total lie. It is as true as it can possibly be given the circumstances. How each person views or interprets his or her reality, colors it if you will, is the key. Sooner or later, reality will challenge one with an event that will alter an underlying assumption of how reality works. If one drives too fast on a rain slick road, eventually the physics will play out with potentially fatal consequences to the driver. Ignore physical laws at your peril. Yet people do everyday.

Life is precious. One is born into a body. One is the body. One has a Life. The quality of a Life is what matters. The quality of one's interaction with Nature and his fellow Man is what matters. Recognition of the permanent underneath the impermanent, the plan within the plan -- the love, beauty and intelligence underpinning it all is important. All that matters. The mind can't understand it, can't work out the purpose. Isn't it better to appreciate Life and enjoy it rather than try to make sense of it? Perhaps the understanding will come in time. It might take the right nudge or stimulus for neurons to align and fire just so and an insight to occur. Or maybe the absence of a stimulus is the trigger.

Look for real Love and Joy. Real Love and Joy are not fleeting and don't turn into Hate and Sadness. Wise Labors of Love last longer than other labors even if both are impermanent in the end and the ripple effects may be longer lasting still. It took millions of years for flowers and other forms to evolve so that we humans can appreciate them as they are Now. Mankind is a work in progress as well. All of Nature is. Isn't the game beautiful? Can one see the beauty of the game? The Love underneath it all? A playground crafted for the children to play in?
Of course life is real, or it exist. And illusions exists too. Life is a dream or a dance, and is real, but the dreamer or dancer as a separate reality or entity is an illusion. You can see it this way.
The universe is both matter and energy, and therefore substantial and observable. Modern scientist can say otherwise, but for ordinary human beings like us it is as real as pain and suffering. You can interpret it this way.
But the thinker or observer is illusory. There is thinking or observing but the thinker or the observer is the thought or the observed itself. It is a unit.
Without the thought or the observed, there will be no thinker or observer. If there is nothing observed or thought there is no thinker or observer. There is nothing but emptiness.
How does this insight apply to daily life? That's the question. Of course we want to live our lives in the best way possible, or to the fullest.
This insight means that the ego is insubstantial or unreal as a separate unit but not really worth cultivating, or aggrandizing. It's made of images, created by society as a result of relationships. Without relationships, there is no ego. Relationships breeds the ego. Why? Because we need to survive and live. But is the ego worth building up or developing at the cost of other human lives or destruction of nature?
That's how I understand it. I cannot find a better way to put it.
And if you build the ego up, isn't it bound to get torn down?
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