Friday, May 12, 2006

Does a Cat Care When It's Right or Wrong?

My cats live life with an ease I envy. When ever I catch them doing something I don't like, it's shrugged off without a care or thought. Whatever happened is already forgotten and in the past.

Julie asks the question, "What if we are all wrong?" The whole question is, "What if we are all wrong about what or who God is and our whole existence?" It doesn't really matter I suppose. There's a scene in Babylon5 where G'Kar picks up an ant and then puts her down back on the plant the ant was on. G'Kar says, "What does that ant tell the other ants what happened to it? What are we like to that ant - like Gods perhaps?" Turn it around, though. We are nothing special to a cat. Maybe just a big, two-legged cat, I don't know? But, I do know that they live with quality and with ease. They don't think much.

It doesn't matter what we think of God or about God. What matters is the quality of our interactions with others and the quality of each individual's life. Not quality in the sense of quantity and accumulation, but a quality of ease and contentment. I know I am guilty of arguing with some about this or that and in the end, it didn't matter much. It seemed to matter at the time, but at the end of the day, so long as I didn't mislead that person or cause that person to stray from finding their own Truth and the Sacredness that is God -- I did no harm, then what does it matter? In a way, we are just ants trying to describe something so much greater than what we can conceive of that it seems an almost futile task. Perhaps this is what Julie is getting at, the wisdom she is advocating.

Yet, I believe that we can experience the Sacredness that the word "God" points to. So, I will try to emulate a cat and not worry about right, wrong, God, Devil and all that. They are just worthless labels and concepts at this point. I am not sure what will replace them, but I know that I will be okay regardless. Perhaps, I'll discover what is real in time. I have all the time in the World. Now, it is time to live life and love with quality.
If you seriously follow the Buddhist path to become enlightened, you may have to make a radical break with the past or with religions, beliefs, and superstitions, including the Buddhist religion. Of course you could be wrong about everything, but if your goal is total peace liberation, freedom and enlightenment in the present moment, you may have to accept the idea of spending your future in the everlasting and eternal fires of hell. Just an idea. I could be wrong.
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