Saturday, May 13, 2006


Nature is cyclical. Water evaporates, condenses as rain or snow, finds its way to the oceans and evaporates again. At the quantum level, subatomic particles can either be as they are or be waves of energy. All around us, Life seems cyclical - trees and plants go dormant in the Winter and bloom in the Summer, in synchrony with the cycles of the seasons. Animals are born and die and given enough time, one can see evolution happening, animals and plants changing in response to their environment. Humans, too, obey these rules -- birth, growth as a child to young adult, plateau as an adult, then declining health as we age, finally there is death. But what of the Source of Life - the spark that animates us all. Is every living thing just an appendage of Gaia, the planet as one big organism, and we are all just extensions? And what of Death? Christian Dogma would have one believe that Death is simply a one way phase transition -- Conscious Flesh becoming Pure Spirit. The Buddhists, on the otherhand, believe in cycles in the form of wheels, Spirit becomes Flesh becomes Spirit again. Since Nature is inherently or fundamentally cyclical, and Nature is a manifestation of Spirit, then likely reincarnation is a fact and not a delusion.If so, then the consequences are profound, but then, if we are also spiritual and physical extensions of Gaia, then that is also profound and strange to contemplate.

* You can take the man from Science, but you can't take curiosity out of the boy! :-)
I think it is an Emotional Field, a Field of Fire, and it exists balanced between one side which is matter that materializes out of the 'wall' of emotional fire in contact with the water of the other side, wherein comes the Soul, the Spark, that can 'define' a portion of the Emotional energy and form a body of matter. The DNA is the result of the Union and details the parts.

But the Spark that animates comes in after the form has developed, enters the body and stays till death, then exits and returns to its former place (state) where it is either accepted or sent back in thru the 'waters' and so would take another body. You are whatever of this construct that you identify with, the Soul, the Emotion, or the Physical, and you belong to your choice, you developed by virtue of all three and you get your choice. So I say reincarnation is very real, a simple fact that is without question. But then, this is my belief, but really if one gave it time and looked carefully at the evidence available, it is very scientic and reasonable, more than much going around, and it doesn't deny for a minute the legitimate sciences of mankind. It is called Kabbalah.
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