Monday, May 01, 2006

Confusing Form with Being

Tolle in his books makes the following point over and over again. Yet, it is not new. People confuse Form and Being, the man and the message. People like Buddha, Jesus, Lao-tze, Mohamed the Prophet, Plato, and countless others are venerated and in some cases deified. They were all mortal men. The Being or Consciousness within them was the same entity - one entity taking several forms down through linear time to speak to us and impart wisdom. I am that Consciousness and so is every other human on this planet. When Jesus says, "I am the bread of Life.", that is his God Essence or Being speaking through the man, the form. The man died, the Being lives on. He never claimed to be a god. People worshipped him and made him one.

"If your master is the incarnation of God, then who are you?", Tolle asks and then comments in The Power of Now, that " ... any exclusivity is Ego no matter how well disguised".

Even Buddhism is a religion rather than just a philosophy. This is why Zen Buddhists say that you "must kill the Buddha to be the Buddha". The purest form of Buddhism is likely Zen Buddhism. Perhaps Tibetan Buddhism is just as pure. Yet, Tibetan Buddhism is being killed by China and Zen Buddhism in Japan has its critics as well who claim that some Zen Buddhist schools are corrupt and self serving.

Christianity was multifaceted and colored by the different regions of the Roman Empire as it spread only to be stifled and controlled by the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches as belief was organized and deadened, as priests became the minds and voices of God. The Protestant Reformation and the printing press caused Christianity to flower again as people learned to read the Bible and reflect on the "diamonds of wisdom in the dung heap" as Jefferson calls it. Thomas Jefferson used textual analysis of the Synoptic Gospels and the Greek, Latin and King James versions of those gospels to write his Bible. He came to the conclusion that there were two different men called Jesus in The New Testament. There was the kind, wise, compassionate Jesus and there is an angry Jesus. He believed the latter was added by scribes with their own agendas because his Bible has the former Jesus.

The Bible is a book written by committees down through the ages. Oral traditions and stories written down as the people who made them died and their followers lost the real message being conveyed. Spoken wisdom being edited and misinterpreted as it was written down. There are two Gods in The Bible. There is the angry God who is a God to be feared and respected, a Patriarchal God, a god of the Egoic Mind. Then there is Jesus' Father, a kind, loving God who does good works, who is Nature and whose Kingdom is all around us. The Father who is the Core Being of us all. Likely, in the Quran, there are two Gods, the angry Old Testament God, and the Sacred, Beautiful, Loving God found in some parts of The Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible.

This angry God is why people don't like the term "God". God is a closed concept. The word still points to a Sacredness and Beauty that is only experienced when a mind is still, when words no longer do justice to the Reality that is experienced. Intellectual belief in God is as empty as intellectual disbelief in God. What matters is to experience that Sacredness, see that Sacredness, be that Sacredness and live that Sacredness. That is what it means to be Awakened. Wakefulness is Humanity's birthright and that is what everyone is trying to accomplish whether they know it or not. So, if God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, Tolle, or any other person, thought form or belief prevents you from waking up, question it, and if possible, drop it or kill it metaphorically. Do not confuse the messenger with the message - form with being.
The Gospel according to Tolle. No offence. I hope you are not preaching the Gospel of Tolle.
How would you interpret Jesus' statement: I am the way, the truth, and the life?
Honestly I've been thinking about this while reading parts of Astavakra Gita.
It seems to say the same thing but I am not sure.
I kind of think that one cannot say: I am the way, the truth, and the life, without meaning it literally. That is, that Jesus is The Truth. Just my idea.
However, if I may add what I really think:
You mentioned one must kill the Buddha to be the Buddha.
To me it means one must forget about the former Buddha, also called Gautama or Sakyamuni Buddha, if I am not mistaken, or any existing Buddha, to be it, i.e. to be the reigning Buddha or the enlightened one.
This is one of the ideas I consider a bit going too far
within Buddhism. This sounds egoic, egoistic, even downright megalomanic to me. What true Buddhist really means by this I don't really know. I've read a number of interpretation.
Any way, I don't agree with Tolle in what he says. To me he sounds like he's trying to reconcile or unite all religions into one. And this has been attempted by many people before him, most of them finally claiming to be It, the Christ, the Savior, the nth Avatar, the Buddha, the Enlightened one, etc.
Finally, I must say that this sort of belief is probably responsible for the many Jesuses, the Buddhas, the Avatars that keep appearing on our planet from generation to generation. Founding one religion or sect after another, and contributing to the confusion.
I have the idea that if we just drop all this nonsense, many of these people will end up in asylums.
However, I'm still open to the posibility of people becoming enlightened, not thru these ideas or beliefs you mentioned, but thru the right insights, and dropping conflicting speculations.
This is my honest opinion.
"So, if God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, Tolle, or any other person, thought form or belief prevents you from waking up, question it, and if possible, drop it or kill it metaphorically."

Well yes, you mentioned this possibility too. Pardon me for being too quick to criticize or judge.
My error or mistake.
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I amswered your comment, Imemine, but it was too long, so it became a new entry. No apology necessary. You are as you are.
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