Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bashful Likes Strawberry Yogurt

I have discovered that one of my cats, Bashful, likes strawberry flavored yogurt. She likes it so much that she will get in my face if I am sitting down eating it and have a go at the container. This is odd considering that cats don't have a sweet taste receptor on their tongues. Her sister could care less. Bashful is the second calico I've had that likes strawberry flavored creams. My deceased cat, Baby, liked strawberry/banana yogurt, and strawberry cheesecake ice cream. Baby was people, and Bashful and Nosey seem to be as well. They both have interesting personalities for cats. Both meow at me in an attempt to communicate. God help me if they are as smart as Baby.
How cute! I have four cats myself and one is a calico, i named her juju. Changa the queen cat loves cheeto's lol our dogs love everything we eat, but cats are more picky! yogurt huh? sweet!
I had always had cats, the last one I had for 13 years, She, Leao, became to where I had to have her put to sleep, I took her to the Vet, they indicated I should leave her and go, I did. That was a sorry thing to do, I should have stayed and been there at the very end. I have never gotten over that lapse of mind.

Good story John.
My wife's cats love yogurt and always sit by patiently until she's almost finished- and then she feeds them the rest from her spoon.

Who would have ever thunk it.

Great blog you have here.
Maybe the acidophilus?

I'm thinking of adopting a cat. Thoughts?
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