Saturday, April 29, 2006

Unfold the Petals of the Mind

Love arises from Stillness. Joy arises from Stillness. Wonder arises from Stillness. One could say that All arises from Stillness. Yet, when One is Still in thought, One is full of Joy and Bliss. There is a peacefulness not found in a noisy mind.

It is said that orgasm is the ultimate in physical Bliss. We are given a taste of Heaven and not allowed to dwell there. Yet, we seek such pleasure out time and again. It is a biological imperative to reproduce. What is the product of that need? It is usually termed a bundle of Joy! Why that description? One reason may be because a baby is pure Buddha Consciousness, newly born, not yet of this World, untainted by a mind. Babies remind us that at our core, we are Buddha Consciousness.

If we were just minds, wouldn't we be born with them. Yet, minds evolve after a time of growth. Mind evolves from body, the personality a product of genes and environment and circumstance -- a natural extension of walking and talking for a human being. No conscious thought was involved in the making of your mind, or my mind. They just happened as our brains grew and processed the World around us.

All our problems stem from the fact that we mistake our minds for who we are. Yet, our minds are just a property of our bodies. Something that came to be as we grew from infants into children. A mind is like the petals of a flower. A beautiful part, but not the whole of the flower. It wraps and protects the Consciousness within. When a mind unfolds and allows the Consciousness to emerge, the Consciousness you and I were born with, beautiful things happen. The Stillness within is able to fully express itself. (The human equivalent of a blossom.) Isn't that wonderful!
wow, that is powerfully written john. orgasms are really something, and so are minds, devious little things, but the whole person, wow.

i heard if one was from another planet, and didn't know anything about humans, and they saw a new born baby, say one day old, and compared it with a new born, one day old, ox, they would throw the baby away, thinking the ox much more valuable and important a creature. that is because the ox can already walk and work, the baby can't even crawl. LOL.
It depends on what you really mean by the word mind.
I see the whole universe as one big mind or intelligence.
Mind is physical, mental and spiritual, and virtual. It is everything. And we can't do without it.
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