Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sex Sells...DUH!

Why did it take so long to prove what every man already has experienced when a beautiful woman has sat next to him on an airplane or at a bar ? Why the advertising industry has sexy women driving sports cars in TV commercials? Put it together and it spells DUH!
I hesitate to tell this, I myself being old, but not many people know or understand it.

In the 60s there was the 'movement', to the big screen and pop culture it was drugs, sex and individuality, ones' own bag.

There was nixon, the war, left from Kennedy who was no saint by no stretch of imagination, there was defeat.

More was lost than has been counted, lost by the leading pushes of that day. The counterculture had 'Real' grievances', saw real problems that were growing from the changes of the 50s.

Sex was made a product, in the 50s' tv, radio, magazines, movies, Sex sold.

As sex sold, the human became a 'sex object' first, a 'spiritual object' second, (if at all).

Look back, to the Underground Newspapers that helped bring about the end of the Vietnam war, look and see in them this fight also, against the dehumanization of the person, the human, the fight against the very existence of today as it practises that devaluation, and the people buy into the product.

Sorry, for the inconvience, thanks for the time, just a memory.
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