Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Seek Where You Are Now

People who study Buddhism should seek real,
True perception and understanding for now.
If you attain real, true perception and understanding,
Birth and death don’t affect you
You are free to go or stay.
You needn’t seek wonders,
For wonders come of themselves.
Linji (d. 867)

This is true for any person of any religious persuasion. Seek what is Real, where you are Now, that is really all anyone can do anyway. This is why the Buddha, Jesus and others extort people to live in the Present moment as often as possible.
This is not very easy to do if some people at the same time teach heaven or hell after death.
Living in the present means forgetting the past, past mistakes or errors, as much as possible, and not worrying about or looking forward to the future, for punishment, reward, or glorification. To live in the present means realizing there is only the present moment and nothing else. One must be free from psychological time, if it is possible at all.
psychological time, is that 'self-pressurization' mentally?
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