Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Price Gouging isn't just for Oil Companies

The enlightened efforts of the federal government to protect people from themselves has caused much suffering of the many due to the few. The over-the-counter allergy medication I've taken for over 20 years and which gives me relief from hayfever is no longer stocked by my local pharmacy. I keep getting the lame excuse that all allergy medications that contain pseudoepinephrine are being reformulated with phenylepinephrine which can't be used to cook methamphetamine. However, Claratine-D which has pseudoepinephrine is in stock and incidentally costs twice as much as my old OTC medication. So, I am paying twice as much for the same relief, not to mention my body has to acclimate to a different antihistamine. Claratine doesn't work on 30% of the population and I wonder if it's just the stimulant that is working because I still have a sore throat after taking the Claratine. My hayfever kicked in last week and I was miserable at work. After work, I drove to the pharmacy. This dumb law kicked in in October 2005. Everything should be reformulated now unless the pharms just don't care about their customers.
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