Friday, April 28, 2006


"I have met many Zen Masters. All of them cats."

"Happiness and unhappiness are in fact one. Only the illusion of time separates them."

"When you accept what is. When every moment is the best. That is Enlightenment."
Eckhart Tolle

My cats live completely in the Now. They live completely in the moment - no more, no less. They are completely at ease with life.

Happiness and unhappiness are one. An extreme example is intimate relationships. I meet someone, hit it off with her, am in perceived bliss for a time, then for whatever reason, we go our separate ways, and I am unhappy for a period of time getting over the relationship. If you remove time from the equation, you see that happiness and unhappiness are two sides of the same coin or experience. Review your own experiences and see if this is not true.

I have had a few satori, a few perfect moments which give me a taste of Enlightenment. Each of those moments were perfect, timeless and without interference from the mind.
Like two poles of one magnet. Like a crest and a trough. They are the two sides of the ONE and interdepend.

And it is all NOW.

You don't have to reject what is. You don't have to accept it either.
What is is not very easy to accept. Just be aware of it. without judgement, justification or condemnation.
You don't have to accept this.
Thanks for the tasty nuggets!
cats are only in the now when they are awake, they sleep most of the time and they are on extensive cat-ego journeys, being lions and tigers, doing good and bad things, see, watch em, their ears flutter, their noses quiver, their eyelids blink, their legs kick, don't let em fool you, they are busy creatures.
That looks, sounds, smells, feels to me like a real zenmaster!
I guess, many zenmasters are also kungfu experts or good martial artists.
LOL, Zen this, LOL. Cats.
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