Saturday, April 22, 2006

Illness Can Still One's Mind

Tolle mentions that sometimes when someone is ill, the chaos of the mind is stilled because the body doesn't have the energy to heal and think. I have found this to be true. I am ill now and I'm spiritually awake for longer intervals.
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2 day straight..? Well I'm hardly familiar with Catholic doctrine in any detail, and I kind of see what you're getting at but am I missing what this has to do with illness stilling the mind ..?
John, I think that's where just being comes in. Being is a bit different from being awake, it's just being. When we really wake up we realize we are awakeness itself, but I'm looking at my cat in the window and he is just being, even if there is not that much awareness there.

And of course that only makes sense from a perspective of separation, if I was to think of me as a human being which has more awareness than a cat. I remember a simple little point Ajahn Jumnien, a Buddhist Thai forest master was giving a talk - and it was just that we don't know how much consciousness is in things. I would say when we take that farther, 'how much' here or there simply doesn't apply, if we look at it as all one. And the same goes for time, I mean if it's all one moment, the Now then how long or short the awakeness is in this particular being is just a drop in the ocean.
Being spiritually awake seems to be difficult to evaluate or judge. But don't condemn yourself.
Nobody is perfect.
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