Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Have We Changed at All?

It seems like the curse of having a mind is that one is always comparing. My mind is always saying that this is good and that is bad. Easter is coming and I started thinking which is probably isn't good (joke). People such as Jesus, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, Enlightened individuals, are the best of humanity. Murderers are the worst of humanity since they deprive people of their lives. Jesus was put to death by law, by the Roman State - legal execution. What does Easter say about humanity 2,000 years ago? The equivalent today would be the assassination of Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. Those events were not in the distant past, but were practically yesterday. Have we made any progress as a species since the time of Jesus in the Western World? I suppose that the question really is, "Have I changed at all? Have I awakened to my true purpose?", because change starts with each one of us. It can not be otherwise.
"change starts with each one of us"

Well yes and no. I mean for one thing there have been others like Jesus and Buddha etc. so it has already started, but on the other hand you do want that attitude where even if you didn't have any kind of support you would still go at it alone - kind of like The Journey by Mary Oliver.

There does appear to be a broad range as far as where individual human consciousness is at. I think there's a lot to be said about the progress of our collective consciousness, and this is where unity consciousness plays a big part. In other words it's a matter of being engaged, being at one with the whole as messy as it is - though certainly not getting lost in the mess, that wouldn't do anyone any good. Often we just want to do something to change things, but of course for real transformation to happen it's a matter of a shift in consciousness. Being one with the whole will allow for a participation that is far more direct than an individual acting on the world as separate from oneself.
Have we made any progress as a species since the time of Jesus in the Western World?

I don't know. I will have to make some comparison, judgement and evalution.
Personally, I think we became worse. Let me think carefully.
Before the Christians, there were the Romans, Jews, and the Barbarians. Before that the Greeks, Persians, Assyrians, Egyptians, etc. Well, the ancient people were less civilized than we are, Christians.
What changes did Christianity bring about? Not the abolition of slavery, I suppose. This happened much later in the US under the administration of Lincoln. But slavery is still very much with us. Especially spiritual slavery.
We still don't know how to think for ourselves. Why? Too much spiritual authority, beliefs, dogmas, traditions, superstition, superspirituality, etc. In this aspect, are the Ancient Romans better than us. Try reading Marcus Aurelius' Meditations.
Sorry, I just woke up.
Awakened to a 'true purpose'? What is that? good or bad? Neutral? What for G-d-sake is Bush's true purpose? Where am I, sometimes?

The reality is that all is Neutral..Shut up and do it? Don't think? Just Do It?

But then...It is up to us?, to be better?, Change the world? What, one neutral is better than another neutral? Bliss, why change?

Animal Soul vs Human Soul and all shades of grey? Hopeless?

A neutral God is a Neutered god, and evil wins?
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