Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Cross as a Gateway to Enlightenment

There was one day 2,000 years ago when a decision was made and an Enlightened Man, someone who appeared quite ordinary to most people, was hung from two pieces of wood and who died a painful death. It may be guilt in the Collective Consciousness of Mankind because the Buddha of the Western World was mocked and killed. Yet, the cross is a symbol of Mankind's Universal Suffering and it serves as an archetype as well as a gateway. It is through suffering that many have attained Enlightenment, become truly themselves. Although Easter is celebrated as the day Jesus rose from Death, his crucifixion and suffering are much more powerful images, ones all too familiar with being human, for all of us have suffered and that suffering has led many of us to question the World of Man and its assumptions of how we should live and act as human beings. To paraphrase Tolle, the symbol of the Cross is about transmutation - the worst thing that happens to you, your cross or suffering, turns into the "Peace of God" which is the best thing that can happen to you.
the aperature of the Cross, is the eye of the needle thru which many cannot go for their worldly and animalistic behaviours and concerns, It leads to salvation of that very thing that cannot pass thru it, the maximum animal Soul, but it provides the gate for others to pass thru and ascend to heretofore, for them, unaccessible heights, He came for the sick, that they might be healed. Not every animal that is sick wants to be healed.
One thing that's occurred to me just thinking of the symbol itself being the intersection of a vertical and horizontal line, is that it might signify depth and bredth - spirit and flesh coming together if you will in the vertical dimension and the bredth would be the all inclusive aspect of the horizontal. I would imagine this is something that has been written about before.
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